You would assume that having worked very hard as a self employed business owner with a successful operation would make you every lenders dream mortgage prospect, but sadly a lot lenders don’t see it that way and have made the approval process very difficult —if they can even get you approved in the first place.

The good thing is, I can help you access many options that cater to self-employed individuals at today’s mainstream rates.

We will explore your financial documents, such as:

  • T1 General Tax Returns
  • Notices of Assessment
  • Business Financial Statements (if Incorporated)

Depending on your profession, we may be able to use certain programs available to us to treat your self-employment income with better understanding and a more 'Make Sense' approach than what some of the major banks allow.

Alternatively, and if needed, we can explore Equity Lending options or Professional Self-Employment lending options for medical professionals and other professional categories.

Contact me to find out more and let’s work on getting you approved!

I went to one of the major banks to get a mortgage for a property I was going to purchase. After not hearing from the bank for two weeks, I was offered a terrible interest rate the day before my subject removal date. The bank left me hanging at the last minute and I felt like I had to take their offer or let the deal fall through. I called Reza right away and he worked nonstop with multiple lenders to get me a great rate in an extremely short period of time. He stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process, even at night and on the weekend. I really felt like I had someone on my side who knew the ins and outs of the mortgage industry and knew how to get me the best deal possible. The peace of mind allowed me to not stress about the mortgage because I knew Reza was working tirelessly in the background. I would gladly recommend Reza to everyone I know!
- Kevin. Vancouver, BC

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